Our Philosophy

At ThuiTours we are interested in the welfare of communities and youth in the region where we operate our tours, this is why in our raison d'être as a company is to contribute to the improvement of communities and their natural and social environments by developing projects for sustainable tourism that benefit the quality of life of people, creating jobs, developing and caring for environmental reserves and their ecosystems.

Our Mission

The mission of ThuiTours is to guide the visitor to cooperate with tourist sites and surrounding communities leaving a monetary or educational contribution. So the tourist and visitor may leave our country, not only with memories of our incredible landscapes but can also wear with pride the contribution of giving to sustainable development to the communities for the future.

We seek to be a leader in sustainable tourism in Colombia and be recognized nationally and internationally as an example of solidarity with the youth, and to forge sustainable tourism that this coupled with environmental education for sustainability, so that in the future we can continue to appreciate our ecosystems.

Our Team

Our International Clients

Thui Tours is proud to provide tours, accommodation and logistic support to international tour companies looking to provide an amazing Colombian experience for their clients.